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Kolkata is a treasure trove for a shopaholic.The common places to shop from include New market or otherwise called Hoggs Market(just near the venue and the oldest in Kolkata),Gariahat market, Hatibagan, Burrabazaar, College street (one of the Biggest Book markets of the world),Park street(just near the venue). You will be able to find out the West Bengal govt. emporiums , like Biswabangla Hut, Manjusha in various places of Kolkata. Dakshinapan, shopping complex in South Kolkata, where you will be able to visit all the govt. emporiums from different states of India. Kolkata boasts of some large malls including Quest Mall,South city mall and Acropolis.
Bengali sarees famously found here include Bengali kantha,tasser sik,Baluchari,swarnachari, Bangladeshi dhakai,Tangai.You can find Numerous number of Gold jewellery shops at Boubazar area. Junk jewellery are sold on the streets of gariahat and hatibagan and one would get a good bargain there.Dokra items are quite famous from Bengal and commonly found in several showrooms here.