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Culinary delights

Kolkata – the Cultural Capital of India is actually a heaven for the foodies and especially for those people with a sweet tooth.

Bengali sweets (Misti) certainly need no introduction. Bengal is well known for innovations of different sweets since 17th century. Rosogolla and Sandesh are two most significant sweet dishes which originated from Kolkata. Besides these, Misti Doi, Pantua , Rabri and Jol-bhora are the must haves in a foodies wishlist. Balaram Mallick , Bhimnag, Nalin Chandra Das, Nakur, Sen Mohasay are those places where you can search for authentic Bengali sweets as well as fusion mistis.

However; the spicy, tangy and absolutely mouth-watering Bengali dishes that Kolkata has to offer may leave you in dilemma of whether you choose the spicy Bengali cuisine or the melting flavours of the sweetmeats. Special Bengali dishes , like, Kosha mangsho, Fish paturi, Hilsha fish (specially during the month of August), Katla Kalia from any famous bengali restaurants like, Kasturi, 6- Ballyguange place, Oh Calcutta! should not be missed during a visit to Kolkata. For vegetarians also there are numerous options like, Khichdi, Beguni, Dhoka’r Dalna, Luchi, Cholar Daal, Malai Kofta, Koraisutir Kochuri Fulkopi roast are also available from the before mentioned restaurants.

Kolkata has also got a huge variety of world cuisines with distinct tastes. Whatever you choose, be it Muglai, or Chinese or continental, Kolkata will definitely leave you spellbound. Kolkata’s Biriyani has got very distinct taste which is completely different from rest of India. Peter Cat’s Chelo Kebabs, Nizam’s Kathi Roll, Paramount’s Sharbat, Chicken or Fish Cutlets from Mitra café , Chinese dishes from China Town or Mainland China, Flury’s English Breakfast, Mocambo’s Chicken Ala kieve are the well known signature dishes here .

Street foods of Kolkata must also have a special mention. Phuchkas (Golgappa), Jhalmuri, North Kolkata’s Televaja (both Veg and Non-veg), Putiram’s Radhaballavi Dal and Singara(Samosa), Apanjan’s Egg devil, Kaliks’s chicken/ fish chops, fish cutlets, Dacer’s lane Fish fry, Anadi’s Muglai parantha ……the list is endless .